Double G Archery

4185 E University Ave.

Georgetown, Texas 78626


Hours of Operation

​​Closed Sun & Mon

Tue - Fri 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

​Sat - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Shoot Your Way Across Texas (SYWAT) is about to kick off.  ​This is a state wide "league" held primarily during the winter (October - February). Tournaments are hosted by various shops or clubs around the state. Any archer can compete in the events but you must be a NFAA/TFAA Member to compete for the SYWAT Aggregate/Tour Champion award. N.F.A.A. divisions and shooting styles will be in effect. You can visit TFAA by clicking on their logo above and find out more details on how you can participate.

​Double G Archery will be hosting two events this year and would love to see you come in and get started with us, dates listed below.  Please call and let us know you are coming so we can put you on the list.



​Saturday 10/28 

​Sunday 10/29



Saturday 12/9

​Sunday 12/10

Coming late 2017, "BOWHUNTER LEAGUE".  This league will be held on Monday evenings each week starting at 6:30pm.  This league will consist of shooting animal silhouettes and 3D animal targets at different distances up to 30 yards.  There will be different obstacles and challenges introduced such as shooting from elevated platforms, uneven platforms, kneeling, sitting and animals quartering and partly exposed.  The caveat is that in order to shoot this league you must first qualify with a minimum score of 275 to shoot this course.  We are requiring this qualification so it will narrow down the field to shooters that will more than likely hit the vital areas of the target and not the body (which stresses an expensive target). If you are allergic to fun, this is not the league for you.

***All details are not put in place at this time, so stand by as we continue putting this together. I wanted to get this out there and see how many start salivating over it. I would like everyone to start weighing in if you are interested in attending so we can plan accordingly.